"I Don't Need A Radon Test, There Is No Basement"

RadonThis is one of the more common misconceptions that we hear over and over again. I think where this false message may come from is that there is an assumed greater risk in homes with a basement, because Radon will tend to gather or accumulate on the lowest level of the house, and since Basements are typically not as well ventilated, The risk is there for higher levels of Radon, as opposed to a house without a basement. However, do not mistake this to mean if you do not have a basement, you do not need to worry about Radon. The fact is, Radon can be a problem in ANY home, no matter what type of foundation, or how old. (View Radon FAQ's from the E.P.A.)

We have performed tests in homes with slab foundations and homes with crawl spaces that have had elevated Radon levels, so we have seen evidence first hand that Radon can be a problem regardless of foundation type.

We would also like for you to know that most of Indiana, and nearly all of the MIBOR area is, located in the Zone 1 level on the E.P.A. RADON MAP. This is the highest level, meaning that there is a predicted average indoor radon screening level greater than the maximum E.P.A. recommended level of 4 pCi/L (pico curies per liter).

Radon should be taken seriously, but don't worry, it's not a "deal killer"! Radon is easy to test and relatively easy to mitigate. The cost can vary, but average prices in our area range from $500 - $1500. Ease of installation is the main determining factor.
Much inforamtion can be found on the web and on the E.P.A.'s website. At the very least, if you have not already done so, look through the information on the Home Buyers & Sellers Guide To Radon. This can answer a lot of common questions that you may have about Radon. Of course, we also welcome you to call or email one of our inspectors with any questions that you may have as well.

We hope that the information found on this page provides you with the information and resources you need so that you can make an educated and informed yourself based on your own concerns that you may have.

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