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To Inspect Or Not To Inspect?

Do you hear what this "new home" is saying?  Can you see the defect?Indianapolis Home Inspector New ConstructionThat's O.K., At Gibbs Surette Inspect we "speak house"!

Although it may be rare, this home was scheduled for an afternoon closing but the home inspection revealed that the attic was missing insulation and the furnace chimney did not extend through the roof.
Indianapolis Home Inspector New Construction Attic

And this "new home" was scheduled for closing the following day. Our Home Inspection revealed that there was no hot water at the kitchen sink.

The clients had JUST finished their builder walk through ealier that morning before we showed up to do our Home Inspection. No one was aware of this dicrepancy, including the builder. After reporting our findings, the builder disclosed that during construction, the copper bandits had stolen all of the plumbing pipes out of the house during construction. Apparantly when the plumber re plumbed the house, he forgot to connect the hot water for the kitchen faucet to the hot water side of the plumbing system! 

Since the house was built on a concrete slab foundation, and all the plumbing was under the concrete, this was not going to be an easy fix! Can you imagine...buying a brand new house, and then having to have the kitchen flooring pulled up and the cabinets and appliances removed so they can bust up the concrete to run new plumbing lines?

Upon our recommendation, the builder installed a high efficient, point of use electric water heater under the kitchen sink. Problem solved, and they didn't have to tear up the brand new kitchen. 

Our inspectors are trained to "listen" to the home you are about to purchase before you make that final decision.


The reality today is that most home builders don't even have tools and equipment. The fact is most new home builders are financiers and occasionally job site managers.

Who actually builds your new home are the sub-contractors that the builder hires to do the work. So whether your new home is built correctly and complies with the current building code strictly depends on the knowledge and skill of the sub-contractors. And speaking candidly, the quality of the sub-contractors varies greatly. And many sub-contractors are unlicensed and unregulated, so who's looking over their shoulder?

Even though all of the parts of the house you come in contact with each and every day appear fine, there's a lot more to your house than meets the layman's eye. Here's the real issue; were the mechanical and structural components of the house put together properly?  And truthfully, most homeowners don't have the knowledge or skill to judge that aspect of a new home.
So here's what happens in many cases.  You go to sell your new home sometime in the future.  The buyer hires a home inspector to evaluate the property for them.  And low and behold the buyer's home inspector finds lots of things that were done improperly by the sub-contractors and now the buyer wants you to make the necessary repairs.
Why should you pay for someone else's mistakes?

So here's the long and short of the matter:  You Need An Independent Evaluation Of The Property By Your Professional Home Inspector To Protect Your Interests!
While many of the new construction inspections we perform go off without a hitch (other than punch list items for the builder) there have also been the ones that have turned up major deficiencies.... which one are are you about to buy?
So give Gibbs Surette Inspect a call today and we will evaluate your home from the foundation to the roof and all areas in between and produce a list of issues that you can give to your Builder. Don't get stuck holding the bag for future repairs.


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