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If you need more information about Radon, what it is, where it comes from, or whether or not you should have the house you are buying tested for it, click here (clicking here will open a new window and take you to our Radon page where you will find information about Radon as well as links to the E.P.A.'s websites and other sources to help you make an informed decision. Clicking the link will not take you away from this form, simply close the new window that opens when you are finished and you can come back to finish completing this form)



 Note: if the house has an attached garage AND a detached garage, the detached garage is considered and outbuilding and there will be an additional fee to inspect. If the house does NOT have an attached garage, the detached garage is not considered an outbuilding and there is no additional fee to inspect.

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We will require this information so we may contact the Listing Office to confirm access to the house for the day / time of the scheduled inspection should you decide to book your Home Inspection with us. If the house is FSBO, please provide the sellers name and ph # here.

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